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My ’86 Honda Shadow made me walk today

My ’86 Honda Shadow made me walk today

Didn’t walk long, I called a buddy to come pick me up.  Acted like it ran out of fuel, but I knew that wasn’t the problem.  This bike has an electric fuel pump and I figured that was the culprit.  After I got home I grabbed a bottle with a lid, some fuel line, and a jug of gas.  I had my wife take me back to my bike.  I disconnected the fuel line and put mine in it’s place and put the other end of the fuel line in a hole in the lid of the bottle.  Then I disconnected the power to the fuel pump (just in case it was or started pumping).  Filled the bottle with gas turned it upside down and strapped it to the handlebars.  Looked kinda goofy but it got me home.  I did have to squeeze the bottle a few times, because it was creating a vacuum.

Got to digging into it after I got home and found the pump to be OK, but the fuel pump relay wasn’t giving power to the pump.

New pump would have been ~120 – 160 dollars.  OEM relay is not available due to the age of the bike.  I may be able to find one that will work for a few dollars.  In the meantime I’ll jump the leads to the relay to bypass it 50 cent terminals and a couple inches of wire.  Good to go!


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