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My Tablet Died This Weekend

My Tablet Died This Weekend

I have a Asus Zenpad Z10 on its way to replace it.

When I got my first tablet (G Pad 7) I didn’t figure i would use it very often, but it was more or less given to me when I signed up with a new Verizon account. Its kind of slow and small, but what can you expect for a dollar?

Turns out I use this thing fairly regularly (OK a lot). When it died, I realized how much I actually do use it and that I needed to replace it pretty quickly. Bummer, the Verizon stores don’t keep them in stock. I told Aaron at the store he was now in a race against Amazon to see which came first, the tablet or the case and screen protector I was going to order when I got home. He has a 45 minute headstart on them. We’ll see who wins, my money is on Amazon.

I’m still young at heart, but my eyes must be getting older, so I was looking for something a wee bit bigger. I think this should fit the bill. Anyone heard much about them (good, bad, or indifferent)?


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