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H4198 in AR

H4198 in AR

Been reloading pistol for a couple years, just started on rifle (223). Listened to a guy at Cabela’s when picking up some powder. When I got home and looked around heard that H4198 is great for bolt guns, but on the AR platform burns too fast to cycle. Did find few guys that were able to get their loads to cycle in a carbine length gas system, but was getting close to max charge. I figured I have it now so I’d give it a try. Glad I did, it works fine at median charge in my rifles and seems fairly accurate.

Did find quickly the a pound of powder don’t last as long as in rifles!

Going to try some H335 now to see what it does. Just plinking now, but plan to get serious with some load workups later this fall and may look at H4198 again.


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