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Will the gun grabbers ever get it?

Will the gun grabbers ever get it?

They come out in droves to attempt to ban firearms every time a some whacko massacres a group of people. I concede that these are horrible events, many of which can be prevented. Banning the tool they’ve chosen to use however is not the answer, as they will find another readily available tool as an alternative. As it always does, when the gun grabbers get vocal, it creates a panic buy on the gun market.

Their latest buzz term is “common sense” gun reform. So let’s use some common sense.
1) The second amendment gives law abiding citizens the right (not to be confused with need, which they like to twist contort into their argument) to bear arms. This means gun bans are unconstitutional, period.
2) Enforce laws already on the books to keep firearms out of the hands of those that are insane and out of the hands of criminals.
3) Ensure that all agencies responsible updating the NICS database are submitting all required records.
4) Resign to the fact that you cannot legislate morality. Those intent of doing evil will do evil.


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