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My Message to youtube

My Message to youtube

Just read of your new firearm policy, and am quite disturbed with the read. The firearm content I enjoy watching is primarily educational and informative. I would like to know why it is now against your policy to post instructional videos on reloading ammunition and assembling firearms. Both are perfectly legal activities and completely safe to do when done correctly. Depriving educational videos and instruction from those wishing to get into these hobbies could make it far more dangerous to the beginner that will no longer have valuable instructions available to him from your platform.

Taken to the extreme this policy will outright remove all firearm content from your platform, which seems to be what you wish to do.

I do not believe it is a valid justification to silence pro gun members of the community because at the moment firearms in general are a controversial topic. I just read youtube mission statements and this policy contradicts every aspect of those statements. I (obviously mistakenly) took you at your word that you wanted to give everyone a voice. When one side or the other is silenced it is not condusive to an honest debate.

I have always liked Google/Youtube, but this decision is extremely discouraging to me. However, It is your business to run as you see fit. With that said I will continue to use your products (until something better comes along) albeit doing so in a way as to reduce as much as possible any profit you may make from that use.

By the way when this goes into effect I expect to also see ANY video with a link to Wal-Mart removed as they still sell firearms.


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